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Our Environment

At Edil's Home Child Care, we provide a nurturing and safe environment for your child to thrive and grow. Our Kid-friendly daycare is located in the safest neighborhood in Kent-Auburn Area. Our team understands that each child is unique and requires individual attention. We are committed to providing the best possible care for your little ones while maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

An Inside Look

At Edil's Home Child Care, we provide excellent care for children in a safe and loving home environment. Our goal is to provide a fun, educational, and engaging atmosphere that is designed for your child's personal growth. We invite you to come and see our facility and meet our team. Check out our website to view some pictures of our home childcare, both inside and outside, and you will see why we are the best option for your child's care.


Main Area

The main area of the daycare is perfect for the little ones to play, learn and develop. With a variety of toys and activities available, your child will have a blast while developing important social and communication skills.

Indoor Play Area

Our indoor play area is the perfect place for your child to have fun and stay safe while you take care of life's other responsibilities. Your child will have access to a variety of toys and activities, all while under our trained and watchful eye.

Outdoor Play Area

Our outdoor play area is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable space for children to engage in physical activities, explore, and discover. Our play area is a perfect place for children to run, climb, jump and play while under the watchful eye of our experienced caregivers.

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Front Door

Our home child care is located in a safe and friendly neighborhood with a well-maintained front door, ensuring the safety and security of your child at all times. Contact us today to schedule a visit and see for yourself.

Story Area

This area is for story time, where we read books together and share different stories for kids. This can also be used as a coloring area or a studying area for the kids to enjoy their time.

Map View

We are conveniently located and easily accessible with a simple map search on Google or Apple maps. We are located at 12461 SE 299th PL. Auburn, Washington

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